About Ace

About ACE

Centre for Advancement & Continuing Education (ACE) is a section established to provides the platform for our experts, within the teaching staff, to share their knowledge and experience with the industry through short courses and consultancies. ACE has a network of experts in Malaysia and around the world to support our short courses and consultancies.
Our training approach is through lecturing and working on case studies of currents problems. The trainers/coaches will conduct series of assessments during the courses to ensure the participants are able to acquire the required knowledge and skill for them to develop their competency. To stay relevant to the industries, the offered courses are related to the Malaysian Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) 2016 requirements.
Other than short courses, ACE offers consultancies in several areas such as Organization Development, Manual Development, Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), managing the projects (Project Management) and managing Engineering Risk. The consultancies approach is by hand holding the participants to ensure they grasp the hands-on knowledge and skill on the subject or areas of the activities.

En Md Hafis Khairuddin, Head of Section (HOS), ACE

email: hafis@unikl.edu.my and phone or whatsapp at 0192985707


Siti Famiza Mazlan, Executive Officer, ACE UniKL MIAT

email:sitifamizam@unikl.edu.my and phone or whatsapp 00123092494.                 


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