Aerospace industry is fundamentally vital to a nation’s development since it creates countless of jobs, generate growth for other industry sectors, fuels technology and economic growth. Most importantly, it connects people for social ties, tourism and business opportunities between trading cities, states and nations. Understanding the importance of aerospace industry and the promising future it holds, our government successfully introduced Malaysia Aerospace Industry Blueprint in 2015, specifying all nation’s strategic initiatives, aiming to be the regional champion in ASEAN by 2030. Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) came up top as one of the aerospace industry sub-sectors identified by the government for priority growth in terms of manpower, infrastructure and business/industry development. Aerospace manufacturing, engineering design and services, system integration and aerospace training are also the focus areas specified in the strategic plan.

Nevertheless, to produce the industry manpower needs is not the only the goals of the university to grow the industry with all rounded engineering knowledge and skill personnel but also able to deliver engineering quality and management assessments, give sound recommendations and communicate effectively with aircraft and component manufacturers, engineering design organizations, suppliers and authorities.

As such, the Aerospace Section is established in the university, which is responsible to provide fundamental engineering knowledge and skills with quality/management perspectives to the university’s program and to the graduates as well. The presence of Aerospace Section will not only help the industry to grow but simultaneously enhance the graduate competencies and employability as licensed professionals. Furthermore, it enables the graduates to venture into other aerospace positions, e.g. technical design, production, manufacturing, repair, quality and support engineer or specialist offered in the aerospace industry.

Info about Head of section

Dr Wan Nursheila has been teaching and serving UniKL MIAT for 10 years. She holds a PhD in Passive Fire Protection on Metallic Structures from Newcastle University United Kingdom. She obtained her Master’s degree from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS while her Bachelor’s degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She also holds a professional certificate on Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing (PCN) Level 2 (Ultrasonic Testing). Her industry experiences cover working with product qualification and testing in automotive and aerocomposite manufacturing. Presently her research interest includes passive fire protection coating, advanced composites, unmanned aerial vehicle and 3D printed prosthetic leg.

Info about the section

The Aerospace Section of UniKL MIAT comprises of 34 staffs, holding various positions including Professor, Associate Professor, Principal Specialist, Senior Lecturers, Senior Specialist and Lecturers. Our lecturers are experienced and highly qualified in today’s teaching and learning and are experts in their specific field.

Establishment of the department

Aerospace Section offers engineering related curriculum related to science and engineering courses offered in typical pure engineering programs, technical design, material, manufacturing and repair including metal working, composites and plastics, engineering management, quality assurances, computer programming, automation and control, IoT and aircraft certifications. In this way, the graduates are not confined to just aerospace industry for jobs opportunity but also to other industry sectors as well such as automotive and oil & gas sector.

Aerospace Section in collaboration with Research and Innovation Section and Postgraduate Studies Section, is also responsible to identify new, innovative and advancements in aerospace technologies such as advanced lightweight materials including natural composites, advanced manufacturing methods such as 3D printing, design and ergonomics, unmanned aerial vehicle design and construction, electric and advanced propulsion, bio-fuels, aviation health and fitness, certifications, IoT and big data, which will allow the graduates to further

advance their passions and skills through advanced courses, engineering/industry projects and/or research and development (R&D) offered in the graduate programs.

Areas of specialisation of the department

At least 10 areas ( the purpose is to promote our research area for our prospect post graduate students):-

1- Advanced Composite Materials
2- Aero Ergonomics (Design, Tasks, Workplace etc)
3- Aircraft Structure and Composite Repairs
4- Aero Product Design & Manufacturing
5- Aerospace Vehicle Design And Certification (Airworthiness)
6- Noise and Vibration (NVH)
7- Aviation Fitness Damage
8- Tolerance and Fatigue Analysis
9- Computational Fluid Dynamics
10- Passive Fire Protection Materials




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