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The aviation management section has a vast area of expertise in Airline, Airport, safety and security, airline engineering Management, Air freight and logistics, aviation marketing, aviation economics, air traffic management and others. Our Aviation Management program support the following career prospects:The aviation industry spectrum is wide & diverse, highly regulated and very dynamic in nature. The multi aviation sector organization ranging from airline, airport, ground handler, airline caterer, cargo provider and the MROs (maintenance, repair and overhaul) require competent management personnel at the various level of hierarchy. Our Aviation Management program integrates several disciplines: management, operation, technology and business into the aviation core. Our both program support current industry needs.

1. Bachelor of Aviation Management (Hons)
2. Master in Aviation Management

Our both program in Aviation Management is designed to equip you with the skills required to pursue a successful career in various sectors of the aviation, including airlines, airport companies and authorities, ground handlers, MROs, air transport consultancies, aviation manufacturing and aerospace companies. Our University has strong industry linkages with local and global aviation industry.

Info about the section

The Aviation Management (technical Foundation) Section of UniKL MIAT comprises of 13 staffs holding various positions including Professor, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers and Principle Specialists. Our lecturers are experienced and highly qualified in today’s teaching and learning and are experts in their specific field.

Info about Head of section

Assoc Prof Dr Nor Aida Abdul Rahman has been serving UniKL MIAT since 2006. She has worked as internal and external trainer in management, supply chain, Halal logistics and postgraduate research. Her academic work has appeared in several reputable academic journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Islamic Marketing, Journal of Quality and Reliability and others. She has also published a number of aviation related book with Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) and Springer. She is a panel of WG in MS2400 Halal Supply Chain standard & TC10 for Halal supply chain standard (SMIIC). She earned PhD degree in Management (supply chain management) from Brunel University, London, Currently, she and her team are actively and aggressively working on all requirement for the aviation management programme as well as keeping up the current and new master programmes relevant to the current technology progress to fulfill the industry need.

Establishment of the department

The section originated in 2009 when we started offering Bachelor of Aviation Management program. After a decade, we have growth with new program offered, Master in Aviation Management.

Areas of specialisation
The section is also active with research and several clusters under MIAT which are the Aviation Management cluster

Department’s capacity

The avionics section has a vast area of expertise in Electrical, Electronics, Radio, Communication and Instrument including staff with avionics license holders from many different entities including CASA (Australia), A&P (USA), and CAAM (Malaysia). Besides that, most of the general electrical & electronics engineering lecturers are doctorate holders from various areas.
• Airline Executive /Manager.
• Airport Executive /Manager.
• Airport Security Executive /Manager.
• Air Traffic Controller.
• Aviation Control Systems Management.
• Airline Business Executive / Manager (Revenue Management)
• Airfield Operator Management/General Aviation
• Maintenance Executive / Manager
• Aviation Quality Assurance
• Aviation Leasing & Insurance
• Air Cargo & Logistics Manager
• Aviation Authority Management
• Aviation Consultancy
• Airline Catering Organization
• Hospitality &Tourism Organization.


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