Avionics is a specialisation within the scope of aviation electronics. It encompasses a wide range of job types within the maintenance and repair environment. An avionics specialist is a person who is responsible for all the electronics on board an aircraft as well as the wiring that connects to the electrical system.

They run cables, mount antennas, and connect instruments for navigation and engine monitoring. Avionics specialist install radios, autopilots, and passenger entertainment systems. The job demands attention to detail and a commitment to the very highest standards of quality workmanship because they work on flight-critical systems that impact passenger and crew safety. Avionics tasks include installing and troubleshooting avionics equipment on fixed wing aircraft or helicopters.

 They are responsible to ensure everything works properly and none of it interferes with other electronic devices on board.

Info about the section

The Avionics Section of UniKL MIAT comprises of around 34 staffs holding various positions including Associate Professor, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, Principle Specialists, Lecturers, Specialists and Instructors. Our lecturers are experienced and highly qualified in today’s teaching and learning and are experts in their specific field.

Info about Head of section

Ts. Dr. Shahani has been teaching and serving UniKL MIAT (previously known as MIAT Sdn. Bhd) for 19 years. Her passion for teaching has developed over the years seeing the students graduate and achieving their dreams in the aviation industry. Not all of them become LAEs but surely they are not so much off-track from what we provided them at UniKL MIAT. With her Bachelor’s degree from United States and getting her A&P License there, she experienced being in a quite casual and flexible study environment. She also holds a General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) which is a license granted by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) after passing module 1 & 3. She is a PhD graduate from an internationally renowned Cranfield University in the area of Avionics Prognostics. Her current research interest includes predictive maintenance, Performance Based Navigation concepts and application, and implementation of IOT for aviation. She is very much inspired to drive students’ motivation not only for tops achievers but to dropping out students as well.

Currently, she and her team are actively and aggressively working on all requirement for the avionics programme as well as keeping up the programmes relevant to the current technology progress. Avionics section has plans to venture into different areas of studies in developing future ready graduates who will be flexible and can persevere while working to achieve their goals .

Establishment of the department

The section originated in 2007 when we started offering Diploma Programmes, initially the Diploma in Aviation Maintenance (Avionics).  The previous Section Heads of Avionics were Puan Ruhaida Abdul Rashid, Puan Shahliza Azrene Sarmin, Encik Halim Bujang  and Encik Mohammad Faizal Mohd Sharif.

Areas of specialisation

 The section is also active with research and several clusters under MIAT which are the Satellite Communication and System Integration (SCASI) and UAV clusters.

Department’s capacity

The avionics section has a vast area of expertise in Electrical, Electronics, Radio, Communication and Instrument including staff with avionics license holders from many different entities including CASA (Australia), A&P (USA), and CAAM (Malaysia). Besides that, most of the general electrical & electronics engineering lecturers are doctorate holders from various areas.


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