Semester Registration is classified as two types ; Semester Registration and Course Registration

Semester Registration
All students must register their academic semester online within the time indicated by the University.Registrations are opened until Friday before the first week of the academic calendar.Students must pay all outstandings before being allowed to register.Late registration is allowed until the second week of the new academic semester. Student will be fined RM50 for registering late.

Course Registration
All students must register for their courses before the academic semester begins. A student’s semester registration for his semester will be revoked and his student’s status will be deferred or terminated if he fails to register within the specified period allowed, unless he provides valid reasons which are acceptable by the Dean.

Academic Calendar
The Academic Calendar serves as the information source and planning documents for UniKL institutes, Centres and Divisions to refer to. The academic calendar includes registration date, class start dates, exam dates and semester break.Some programmes in UniKL may observe different academic calendar as per the program requirements. However, the Main Academic Calendar is followed by most of institutes.

Credit Transfer
A student is allowed to transfer credits for courses which he has already taken at another academic programme prior to his admission into the University. The terms and condition for credit transfer is as per University Rules Regulation Handbook (URR).

Change Programme
Students can only change their academic programme ONCE. However, if a new student, during the orientation week, choses to take another programme instead of the one he had earlier registered for, this will not be considered as changing programme. The approval to change programme must be obtained from the Dean of the institute before the new semester begins.

Deferment of Study
A student may defer his study due to medical or non-medical reasons for two semesters only.  Application for deferment must be made to the Dean of the institute before week 9. The terms and condition for deferment is as per University Rules Regulation Handbook (URR).

Completion of Study
A student is considered to have completed his study and is eligible to graduate when he has passes all subjects in his programme of study .


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